How to remove a Smart device from Alexa

What do we do once we get home after a tiring journey? Put down the heavy luggage, open the doors, find the lights to put it on. What if I tell you that you could simply walk into the room and say, “Alexa, switch on the lights”.

It does not stop with lights. The Alexa smart home devices vary from smart plugs and thermostats to vacuum cleaners. The Wi-Fi connected systems make life much easier than before, you just have to give the set of instructions.

Want to switch to a new smart device? Well, then you would need to dump your first one I guess. So, here is how we do it.

  1. Open the Alexa app in your device.
  2. On the top left corner, you have the menu button. Select it.
  3. You will get a list in the dropdown menu. Choose the “Smart home” option from that.
  4. Once you selected the Smart home from the menu, you will get the list of devices. Keep on scrolling till you find the device you need to get rid of.
  5. You will find the ‘Edit’ option on the top right corner. Tap on it.
  6. Once you select ‘Edit’, a new tab appears with the details about the smart product.
  7. On the right corner, you have the delete icon. Tap on it.
  8. You will get a confirmation pop-up. Confirm the removal of the product.

Once you are done with the above process, a blue banner appears on top of the screen with the message that the device had been removed from Alexa.

Even after deleting the smart device from the app, you will be able to control and use it from your smartphone by using the accompanying app. But no longer will you be in a position to use Alexa with it.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 6:50 am

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