How to secure Your Adhaar Data

In India, security and privacy are fundamental rights. Furthermore, it is important to secure your adhaar data from outsiders. Moreover, everyone wants that his or her adhaar data has secured. Therefore, there are different ways by which you can secure your adhaar. In fact, the adhaar data includes your biometric information like your fingerprints and iris data that has used for authentication. By using these following steps, you can secure your adhaar so that no one can use it.

Step1. Block your biometric data by visiting UIDAI website

Firstly, you have to visit the UIDAI website. Then, you can block your biometric details over there. In this website, you can find an option of temporary blocking of your adhaar details. Moreover, after some time you can unblock the biometric details of your adhaar. In short, after locking your biometric details no one can misuse your adhaar details.

Step2. Click to the block/unblock Option

Once you click to the block / unblock option in the UIDAI website under the Adhaar, section. Then, this page redirects you to another page of website.

Step3. Fill your Adhaar number

Then, you have redirected to the anther page. You have entered your adhaar number over here. With this, you can avail the details of your biometric system.

Step4. Key of your adhaar details

Enter your adhaar number with other essential details here. Then, you get the key of your adhaar details. Furthermore, you have to verify that you are a human not software. For this you have enter a security code. This security has displayed on your screen. In addition to, you need to type the security code in the given box. Next, you have to click on the OTP. You will the OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number in your adhaar. You can log in now after entering the OTP.

Step5. Screen showing status of Adhaar biometric data

After entering the log in details, a screen opens that shows the details of your adhaar biometric data. Currently, your biometric have disabled. Next step, you have to enter the security code that have mentioned in the security box below. This can enable your lock. Furthermore, click on the enable button. Now, your lock has enabled and your adhaar biometric has secured. From now, you will not able to authenticate by using your fingerprints or iris because your data has locked.

Unblock your adhaar details

  • Temporary unlocking system

You want to disable the lock of your adhaar data. Then, you can make available your authentication. You need to follow these steps.

  1. You have to log in, by using the adhaar number then follow the same procedure.
  2. All the steps are similar so you need to repeat the procedure.
  3. Only differences you find that is unlock option in place of the block option.
  4. After clicking to the unblock option you can your adhaar details for 10 minutes.
  5. It has locked again after 10 minutes.
Updated: November 28, 2018 — 6:50 am

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