How to Get More Likes on Facebook with 10 Easy Ways

Facebook is the most used social media website today. If there is any new event, people discuss about it in Facebook. There won’t be a single day or even a single hour that we keep ourselves away from this social media site. That is the exact reason why several brands use Facebook as a platform to market their products. Here are ten easy ways that you could apply to get more likes.

  1. A Smart Strategy

The strategy should be such that it should attract the right people. You should get likes from the people               who can add value to the business. Get to know about your competitors. You could learn from the techniques they apply, you will have a basic idea of what works for you and what doesn’t. Set your goals higher.

  1. An Apt Page

If you want likes consistently, you got to have an amazing page. Provide the company overview along with your contact details in the About section. It should include the major successes the company had till then. Make sure that the profile picture and the cover photo attracts the viewers to the page. Any viewer should get a basic idea of the company from the picture. Also set the major success of the company as a pinned post.

  1. Easy to find

This depends on the name you give to your page. Select a catchy name that can be related to your company. Addition of like and follow buttons will make the task much more simpler.

  1. Relevant Contents

Make the maximum use of photos, coz they get you more likes than a text content. Give attractive, clear captions and headlines. Also, don’t directly ask people to buy the product.

  1. Be Consistent

Post stuffs consistently. Also respond to the queries which may come in the form of comments. Because, the unanswered questions will stop the people from visiting the page again.

  1. Facebook Contest

This is one of the popular ways to attract customers to like your page. Interactive contents are always more effective to get attention. It could be as simple as a like-to-enter contest.

  1. Engage with other communities

Get social with the social media. Check out the communities with potential followers. You can find them in bulk in Facebook groups. Potent followers means the brands with your niche. A comment on one of their post can get the attention you need.

  1. Algorithm

Facebook wants the best contents to come to the top. The best could be the informative ones and also the entertaining ones. Make you page and posts in that way. Don’t simply promote the product. You could try out a video also.

  1. Facebook Ads

The two types of advertising available in Facebook are ad campaigns and boosted posts. Choose the right ad formats and extend the audience, so that you can get more number of likes.

  1. Insights

Insights gives clarity to a lot of things. It gives you an idea about the kind of posts with maximum reach, the current fans, etc. Use the info and correct your mistakes.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 6:50 am

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