How to recover Deleted files from your computer

People have the habit of clearing their system of the unwanted stuffs by using “Shift + Delete” rather than “delete”. They tend to keep the Recycle Bin empty to clear the junk. But what if there is a mistake? What if you have deleted a file that shouldn’t have been. It contains something important. Well, don’t worry with that. Here we have come up with the solution. Just go through the points blow and recover any important file you deleted by mistake.

The General Methods

  • Stop any further downloads. The file you had deleted is always recoverable provided that it has ample space on the system. Downloading more increases the risk of the file being overwritten.
  • Check the Trash or Recycle Bin. There is a chance of finding the file. If you do, drag it to desktop to restore it.
  • Check for the recovery options. Some programs keep recovery versions of the files (Example- Microsoft Word). When you open such files, you will get a reminder of the file being improperly saved and an option to restore it. This is not the case with every program.
  • Restore your system’s built-in backup. It allows you to restore the files that are part of the backup. The backups are “Time Machine” for Mac and “File History” for Windows.
  • Use recovery software if none of the above options come handy.

Recuva for Windows

  1. Open the Recuva site.
  2. Click the “Piriform” link. Wait for the download to be completed
  3. Install it.
  4. Open Recuva and click Yes when prompted.
  5. Click next. (At the bottom right corner)
  6. Select a file type. If you have to recover more than one file, leave “All files” chosen and click next.
  7. Select a file location and then Next.
  8. Click on start. The scan begins. Wait for it to complete.
  9. Locate the deleted file you want to recover. Click on Recover.

Mac Data Recovery

  1. A small problem faced in Mac is that this Recovery tool has a price. It doesn’t come for free. So, first step is to purchase the full version.
  2. Get an external storage. You need one coz Mac does not allow the users to store recovered items.
  3. Download Mac Data Recovery from the website and Install it.
  4. Open Mac Data Recovery. Tap the Spotlight icon. Select Mac Data Recovery at top of search results.
  5. Select Start New scan and choose a hard drive you want to scan.
  6. Select Deleted Recovery. (you will find it at the middle of the page)

There is a further option of “Deep Scan” which serves you better in recovering the deleted items. But this process takes much longer time when compared to the normal scan.

  1. Start the scan and wait for it to complete.
  2. Find the list of deleted files. You can search it by name. If you can’t find them, they are very unlikely to be recovered.
  3. Once you have found the file, click “Recover”.

Now that you have the methods to recover a file which you deleted by mistake, the recovery shouldn’t be any more a trouble to you. Follow the steps mentioned above if you ever face such a situation.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 6:51 am

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