How to remove virus from computer without an Antivirus

The main focus of any hacker when they create a malware would be to make the virus they create irremovable from your system. They spend countless hours to hide these corrupt files. The viruses can spread from one system to another in form of an executable code. And removing a virus is not as simple as getting rid of stuffs using Add/remove software. If not removed, it gradually slows down your system and even steal data.

It becomes all the more tough when you don’t have an Antivirus. Here are some solutions which will help you in that case.

  1. Using task manager
  2. Launch the task manager (ctrl+ alt+ del).
  3. Select the processes tab.
  4. If you find anything unusual or fishy going on, get the file name and check if any viruses are linked to it.
  5. If you find any virus linked to the file, click end process.
  6. Using system configuration utility
  7. Launch System Configuration utility in your system.
  8. Select the Startup tab. This tab will give you a list of all the programs that run automatically after the system is booted.
  9. Usually, a virus will launch itself when you (the user) load the OS. So, follow the same procedure as in first method. Look for anything abnormal in the list (unknown programs).
  10. If you find any program that is unknown to you and has every chance of being a virus, get it deleted from the list.
  11. Using Command Prompt
  12. Go to Start and run the command prompt.
  13. Type cmd on search programs and files.
  14. You will get the list of drives in the system (C, D, E, F, etc.). Select the drive that is affected by virus.
  15. Type the text given below and then press enter.

attrib -s -h *.* /s /d

  1. Type the “dir” command. This will show you the contents of the infected drive.
  2. Check the presence of any strange or unusual .exe files. If you find any autorun.inf file, then rename the file.
  3. Once you are done with the steps given above, you will get access to the drive without having any effect on the viral files. Now, go to my computer.
  4. Select the drive (the virus affected drive that you selected in step 3).
  5. Delete the affected files.

The affected files can also be deleted by the use of command prompt. (type del filename)

  1. Online Scanner
  2. Open your browser and go to Metadefender Online Scanner
  3. This website allows you to scan any files. Select the files that have to be scanned.
  4. If the files that have been scanned have been infected, the results will show you the threat details.

Given above are four methods which you could follow to protect your system from viral files. If you don’t have any antivirus installed in your system, now you have the solution to make your computer virus-free.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 6:51 am

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