How to stop Cryptocurrency from mining in your web browser

Cryptocurrency mining is the new trouble faced by users nowadays that leads to more CPU usage, higher bills and also reduces your system’s battery life. The bigger problem is that there would not be any indication or clue that the particular web page with miners is using your CPU. The question of the hour- How do we stop them?

  1. Antimalware Software

The web browsers might not help you in blocking the miners, but you could have it done by the use of antivirus programs and antimalware. They block the mining activity automatically.


  1. No Coin for Chrome

It is an extension you get with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera; one of the simple ways to stop cryptocurrency mining. By installing this open source extension, the users can control the way the website interacts with the web browser. It detects abnormal activities and also allow the users to whitelist a website for a given time period.

It is not available for the Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari users.


  1. Block domains in Ad blocker

The extensions like AdBlock enables the users to stop mining activities. You can block a domain depending on the settings applied in your web browser. For example, in chrome, go through the list of extensions, select Adblocker,select Customize and then Block an ad by its URL. You will get a text box, enter the url of the domain there.


  1. NoScript for Firefox

NoScript is a JavaScript blocking extension available in Firefox. You get contents from only the site that you trust. It could be aggressive and disable all the scripts that run on a page thereby breaking the site, a good way to have a safe browsing experience.


  1. Blocking in Opera web browser

The Opera 50 web browser have already taken care of the mining activities to a great extent. It comes with an in-built feature that blocks the CoinHive scripts and other cryptocurrency mining activities. You can be sure that your system won’t respond in a weird way even if they come in contact with a site using the mining techniques.

It is a 3-step process, go to Settings, then Basic and finally Block ads. (For Mac users, you will have Preferences instead of Settings).


There are more ways to prevent the mining activities. You can edit the host files and redirect them and thereby prevent any scripts from being loaded. But if you want to have a check on the blocked miners, use of an extension would be the better alternative.

PC Performance

Before blocking the mining activities, you would better check if you are a target. Checking your system performance will let you know about it.

Open Resource Monitor, enable a baseline and open the websites to check the CPU activity. If the increase in the activity is significant, the website it asking a lot from your PC. Extended time in changing, swapping window; regular crashes, etc. are some indicators.

Well, you have an idea how to stop cryptocurrency mining in your systems, so please follow them. It will surely help you in keeping the miners away.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 6:51 am

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