Important Privacy Tips for WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp has become a necessity for a smartphone user. You won’t find a guy without the app installed in their device. Yeah, it serves many purposes, unlimited messaging, allows you to share contents, pictures, videos, etc . More importantly, it looks cool, feels cool and is a cool app altogether. But, being one of the most used messaging apps, there is every chance of your privacy being sacrificed at times. Given below are some tips you could follow to enjoy your privacy while using WhatsApp.

  1. Password or pin Lock

People may place fake requests of urgent phone call just to end it and check out your WhatsApp details. Take the worst case of your phone being snatched. In both the cases, having a password or pin for WhatsApp will prevent info going to the wrong hands.

  1. Don’t Save Photos in Camera roll

The photos you share in WhatsApp is saved in a separate folder in your phone. The problem is that the photos saved in the folder can be viewed through gallery. Android users should go for apps like ES File Explorer while iOS users can deal with this by going through the privacy settings.

  1. Hide last seen feature

This feature was implemented so that the users can know when was the last time their friend or any WhatsApp contact  was online. Well, this is one feature that helps the stalkers to continue with their work. To hide it, select settings, then accounts, then privacy, and then set last seen to nobody.

  1. Away from scammers

Scammers make use of the messaging apps to gain information about the users. Never respond to strangers asking you for details. You can always give a call to the number to remove doubts of the messenger to be someone known to you.

Never download files sent by strangers. Also, never sent any detail related to your bank account via WhatsApp. Phone calls or emails are always the best options for these extra security stuffs.

  1. Profile picture

In the account settings, you get an option to decide the people who can see your profile picture. The options will be Everyone, My contacts and Nobody. It is better to go for My contacts. If you are not so frequent with WhatsApp, you could also keep it as Nobody.

  1. Messaging

Be careful with what you send, coz you will never know how many out there will see the messages you had sent to someone via WhatsApp. It can be shared to anyone anytime. Never share details with unknown contacts.

  1. Phone lost

Losing your device is not very uncommon nowadays. If it happens to you, the lock feature might save you for as long as the new owner doesn’t get the password. So, make sure to delete your account in case you lose your phone.

The tips given above will help you with your privacy. Make sure you follow them and don’t get into any trouble using WhatsApp.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 6:51 am

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